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Marsupial Fitted Bassinet Sheet / Changing Pad Cover

Meet Koala Bill, Pablo Platypus, Penelope Possum, Willomina Wombat and Roo the Red kangaroo. Illustrated by Artist Zoe Potaka these cute marsupials (and one monotreme) are inspired by the golden book style illustrations we read when we were young. These adorable creatures will have you and your babe smiling with delight at their rosy cheeked cuteness.

Made from soft and durable hemp/organic cotton this is one versatile fitted sheet. Perfect for the bassinet but large enough to fit a change table cover OR a Snuggle Me Organic nest.

Hemp is hypoallergenic and thermo regulating. It feels just as soft as linen and is one of the most sustainable fabrics available. Easy care and durable, these sheets can be rolled around on and washed for years to come.

Size 90cm x 50cm x 11cm

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