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Sow Your Seeds - Eggshell Seedling Pots

Sow Your Seeds - Eggshell Seedling Pots

Bring Spring in with your little loves and sow some seeds that up-cycle your eggshells at the same time! It’s such a great time to do projects with the kids and there is a lot of joy (and learning) that can come from watching seeds turn into plants.


To create your own eggshell seedling pots you will need;
- store up some egg shells over a few weeks (or make an omelette and a cake!) and be sure to crack them with care. Rinse them with water and keep them in a safe spot where they can dry upside down for a day or so

- grab some potting mix from your local hardware or use what you already have

- some seeds! Get creative with wild flowers or herbs, you aren’t contained to the small eggshells as they can be planted in larger spaces once they grow

- a few helping hands



Add potting soil and a couple of seeds to each egg, water and set in the sun. Before you know it, you’ll have happy little seedlings ready to be set, shell and all, right out into your garden bed.

You don't need to separate the shell from your seedling to plant it —just tap the bottom with a spoon to create a few cracks, place them into soil so that the sprouts rest above the surface, cover and water and the plants’ growing roots will do the rest. You can start any seedling this way, but calcium-loving plants (such as tomatoes) are a great idea as plant will draw calcium from the shell as it decomposes, helping to prevent any pesky end rot in fruit & veggies.




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