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The Brightside - Capturing Family Memories

The Brightside - Capturing Family Memories

Capturing Family Memories

 DIY or go professional? Here are our top tips as guided by photographer Emma Wand.

Don’t let those precious moments pass you by. We spoke to the abundantly talented family photographer Emma Wand about her top tips for capturing moments in time with your family.


Keep it real; no awkward posing. I always suggest doing activities with your kids. What do you love to do together as a family? Or maybe it’s simply hanging in your favourite room of the home. These photos are something your kiddies will look back at in ten years and reflect on the love their siblings and parents had for them. How cool is that! 

Interact with your family. Love on each other! Take a moment to breathe, close your eyes, feel your kid’s skin or tell them how much they mean to you. Be present with your family. Just enjoy being together. Even get the kids to take photos of you and your partner from their view. This is so cute and fun.


Try to think about all the different angles, from straight on to getting low down and shooting up towards the side of the subject. Getting a bird’s eye view is another option. You can try standing on a ladder or chair to get this type of shot.


If shooting at home, pay attention to when the light looks the best and where it is in your home. Use windows as the backlight is awesome, so shooting into the window light creates more of a mood. Try side window light so there’s a little bit of shadow on half of your subject’s face is also a good way to go. There is also full sun and shooting the sun in front of your subject. This is my favourite, as it creates that real nostalgic feel in your photos with that summer holiday vibe.

Utilise Available Tools:

The cameras on our iPhones these days are actually pretty amazing and can take some gorgeous shots. So why not make the most of the technology at your fingertips? Ensure crystal-clear photos by routinely cleaning the lens with a soft cotton t-shirt. Experiment using the portrait app or a time-lapse video of the family being together at home. Try editing apps such as Cap Cut, In Shot and many more to make editing your clips a breeze.

Use Film Cameras:

Rediscover the magic of capturing moments with film cameras, readily available on platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Op Shops. The anticipation of developing these snapshots adds an extra layer of excitement.

Use Polaroid Cameras:

Experience instant gratification with Polaroid-style photos. Capture memorable moments and proudly display them on your refrigerator for all to enjoy.

Booking a Professional:

Here we cover how to choose your photographer and to prepare for shoot day. 

 Your photographer should feel like a friend you would have a beer with. You want them to make you feel confident and comfortable. Of course, you also want to love their style of shooting and their editing style. 

To prepare for a family shoot, wear what you love. Don’t just buy clothes you would never wear again. Wear things that are comfortable. You don’t want to be constantly thinking about adjusting your clothes. Make sure kiddies are fed before the shoot and are well rested. Leave your phone at home so you are present unless you are using it for the shoot. Educate your family on what you are doing. Make it fun, adventurous and exciting. Also, allow for quiet moments like a soft cuddle or a moment of wonder.


Almost the most important step! Don’t leave it in the digital space! Having a tangible photograph or book to look through your memories is so much more impactful. It’s such a fun task for the family to do together. Embrace nostalgia by gathering photos and including keepsakes like a lock of hair, pressed flowers from your garden, travel or concert tickets from an outing etc. 

 We hope these tips inspire you to get out with the camera and get creative with your family!

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