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We Are All Artists - Kids Art Exhibition

We Are All Artists - Kids Art Exhibition

We Are Artists: 

Art Competition & Exhibition

We have been equal parts blown away and inspired by these talented little artists and their entries! 

Here are our entries, runners up and winner below:

Entrant: Magnolia, age 9.

Our winner:

Our winners design will be featured in next years winter apparel range as well as receiving a $500 store voucher. Congratulations Magnolia! We loved your thoughtful collection of garden trinkets and admire your drawing skills. Thanks for inspiring us. We cannot wait to see your piece come to life in our knitwear range for 

Winter 2025!

Runners Up: $50 store vouchers

Entrant: Harriet, age 9.

Entrant: Ocean, age 7.

Entrant: Kai, age 9.

Entrant: Zoe, age 7.

A huge thanks to all the other entrants! 

What creative talents we have out there in our community. 

I hope their works inspire you as much as it inspired us!  

View all the exhibition entries:

Entrant: Ziggy, age 7.

Entrant: Pia, age 7.

Entrant: Tippi, age 6.

Entrant: Isla, age 5.

Entrant: Olivia, age 11.

Entrant: Ethan, age 5 and Elysia, age 2.

Entrant: Oaka, age 6.

Entrant: Otis, age 7.

Entrant: Ocean, age 7.

Entrant: Oscar, age 3.

Entrant: Luxe, age 6.

Entrant: Lenora, age 1.

Entrant: Lyla, age 3.

Entrant: Hazel, age 9.

Entrant: Aria, age 9.

Entrant: Dash, age 8.

Entrant: Farrah, age 4.

Entrant: Lenny, age 7.

Entrant: Izzy, age 7.

Entrant: Indie, age 8.

Entrant: Aaliyah, age 6.

Entrant: Aiyana, age 4.

Entrant: Matilda Obrien.

Entrant: Alira, age 9.

Entrant: Brooklyn, age 7.

Entrant: Iluka, age 4.

Entrant: Dash, age 8.

Entrant: Clancy, age 6.

Entrant: Ray, age 6.

Entrant: Magnolia, age 9.

Entrant: Nina.

Picking the winner was extremely difficult. So much so that we decided that everyone who entered should receive a special treat for their efforts. Stay tuned to your inboxes over the following days for that one! 

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