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The Brightside: Ready For Big School

The Brightside: Ready For Big School
The Brightside: Our top tips for preparing your rad kid for their next big step into big school.

The time is finally here when your not-so-little one is starting school. Getting ready for their new school routine can make a huge difference in the build-up to the big day. 

Here are a few of our suggestions to make the transition a little easier for you and your child: 

1. Establish a morning routine:

Mornings with kids can be hectic. And while no two days are the same, aim to create a bit of structure to the morning before school starts. Children really thrive with stability and a consistent routine to set them up for the day ahead. Put things in place like starting the day with a healthy breakfast, getting up around the same time, and using positive reinforcement when completing tasks like getting dressed and brushing their teeth. Mornings might not always go smoothly, but aim for a positive and supportive environment to start things off.

2. Talk about school:

Your child may be feeling a little anxious about this next chapter, which is completely normal. Have lots of chats about what to expect at school and how they are feeling about it, and explain the positive benefits like learning, making friends, and having fun. It may also be helpful to share your own positive experiences you had when you were at school.

3. Practice independence:

Giving your child the opportunity to practice certain tasks will mean they will feel more confident putting them in place when it comes to being at school. Some key skills are being able to go to the bathroom on their own, dressing themselves, and opening lunch containers. Help your child recognise their belongings by labelling items like their backpack, lunchbox, and clothes.

4. Express emotions:

The start of school is likely to bring up a lot of big emotions for your child as they move through a huge period of change in their life. Encourage your child to talk about their feelings regarding school. Perhaps use dinner time, when the family is gathered around the table, to ask about their day, what they liked and perhaps didn’t like, or any questions they may have. Validate their emotions and offer reassurance.

5. Positive goodbye ritual:

Saying goodbye to your child on the first day of school is a very emotional moment for a lot of parents. It signifies the beginning of a whole new chapter of their lives, and so it can often lead to tears for many. On the first day, perhaps create a special handshake or a little phrase that you can do together to make it easier for both of you. Try not to draw it out too much, and perhaps arrange a coffee post drop-off with some of the other Mums where you can have a little cry and bond over the experience.

The primary school years are a time of immense growth for your little one. They lay the groundwork for a child’s future learning and development, as well as time to have fun, form close friendships and make memories for many years to come.

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