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The Dreamers #61 - With Photographer Jess Miller

The Dreamers #61 - With Photographer Jess Miller

It was so fun catching up with Jess Miller for our latest Dreamers! Jess is a photographer and mum of three girls Isla, Frankie and Edie. These girls already have some serious fashion cred, as Jess documents their bright and colourful life in sunny QLD. A browse of her feed has us green with envy with blue skies, sparkling waters and fun adventures all around.




Welcome to the Dreamers Jess! Tell us who is in your family and a little bit about where you live.

There’s me and my three girls, Isla, Frankie and Edie. We live on the sunny Gold Coast. 

What are some of the favourite things you enjoy doing as a family?

We love days at the beach, going on road trips to find new places/swimming spots, and camping whenever we get the chance.

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There are certainly a lot of personalities that come across from each of your girls in pictures. Are they all very similar, or do they differ?

They’re actually quite different from each other, which makes for an interesting dynamic.

What is the dynamic of the three girls like?

Isla is the leader and likes to take care of everyone. Frankie is in her own unique world most of the time, and Edie is a mix of the two. She’s often found bossing everyone around though. All three however are very active and busy kids, so there’s never a dull moment around here. They love hard and fight hard, haha.

What are some of the specific challenges you find raising young girls (especially as they grow/enter school age).

I am definitely finding it hard to balance everything now I have two school-aged kids. There never seems to be enough time in the day for everything. I’m trying to just appreciate all the small things and this new phase of life.

Any tips for setting up a bedroom for girls? 

We live in a small house, and I’m definitely no expert in styling however, I just like to create a fun and happy space for them to spend time in.

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You have such an eye for colour in your photography and how you style the girls. Are they happy to dress up and pose for you, or are the magic shots pure luck?!

Thank you! It’s definitely been fun getting creative together. My eldest now likes to coordinate her own fashion shoots with the other two. I’d say my photos are a combination of luck and just catching the girls on good days or when we are out doing other things. They’re still kids though so there are times they don’t want to, and that’s fine.  

What inspires you as a photographer?

I’ve always been drawn to the unique and colourful things in life, and in my later teen years I found my Dad’s old camera, which gave me a newfound confidence to step outside my comfort zone to capture those moments around me. 

 I love how the light at different times of the day impacts the mood and tone of each photo. I’m a big fan of shooting in full sun to create vibrancy in my photos, as it just makes me happy. 

 Naturally, once I had kids they became a huge inspiration too. Capturing their childhood so we can look back on these memories in years to come. I’m rarely ever without my camera.

What are some of your goals/plans/milestones for 2023?

No big goals for this year. I just want to make the most of the time off we have together. More camping trips, spending time with family and just enjoying the simple things.


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