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The Dreamers #89 - With Artist Cassandra Ahava

The Dreamers #89 - With Artist Cassandra Ahava

Cassandra Ahava hails from sunny southern California, where a deep passion for surfing, skateboarding, and music took root. Now, she resides in Hawaii, living her dream alongside her family. As an artist, she joyfully pursues her calling, crafting mesmerising psychedelic art collages under @sister_scorpio.




Hey Cassandra, tell us about you and your fam. 

Hello! My name is Cassandra, and I was born and raised in southern California, where I fell deeply in love with surfing, skateboarding and music. I met my husband, Beni, in the mountains of California, and we fell in love instantly. He’s a woodworker, musician, and an incredible chef. We have two sons, Joaquin, six and Hawk, four. We spend our time exploring, surfing, swimming, playing music, making art, baking, reading and napping.

Hawaii looks like a dream. Why did you decide to move the family there? What’s it like to live in paradise?

We had no plans to move to Hawaii! We hit a spot in California where nothing was lining up, a roadblock around every corner, and it felt like we were swimming against the current! We had plane tickets from my birthday a couple of years back (postponed due to 2020 closures) that were about to expire, and despite being in a less-than-ideal position for a vacation, we decided to go. On that trip, everything lined up, from uncanny coincidences, job offers and housing presenting itself. After a few more visits, we decided it was our next chapter. All signs pointed to it! We feel very blessed to be here!

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We are big fans of your psychedelic art collages and vintage clothing collection. What is it about the 70’s rock nostalgia you love so much?

My dad would take me surfing, and he’d put on an old album and crank it. We’d get super pumped before heading out to surf. He introduced me to all the greats of the ’60s and ’70s rock and folk. I always felt a huge pull to the music and aesthetics. I love the sounds and colours! Lots of imagination and playfulness. I started sourcing vintage for my company and noticed a lot of really cool old books and magazines. I started collecting and collaging them, and that led to my collage art!

Could you share your journey into homeschooling your kids?

We decided to homeschool because it felt really supportive for our children. Having the privilege to stay together, learn together and play together has been so enriching for our family. My husband Beni works full time, and I spearhead education and play during the week. Homeschooling has allowed us the freedom to frame curriculum around their authentic interests, needs and gifts. It also allows us the freedom to flow with the vibe of the day. Some days hold big energy, and we shift the plan to support that, and other days, we decide to get deep into some book studies or gardening with the aim to grow with the flow!

What does a day in your life look like for you and your fam?

A nourishing breakfast first thing! Soak up some garden time and then move our bodies with a walk to the beach for a swim or a little skate with our pup. We often come back inspired to learn the names of plants and animals we saw during our time out. We’ll identify and paint whatever sparked our interest. Usually followed by some snacks and stories and snuggles. We make a lot of art and music throughout the day, too. We love to watercolour paint, felt, weave, collage and sculpt. Art and music are very joyful and healing for us. We also gathered with other homeschool families in the forest for Hawaiian immersion education, and that was a very special learning experience. We do field trips to farms, volunteer work, and weekly Jiu-Jitsu. Lots of time in nature!

Are there any exciting plans coming up in the next year?

We’re excited to explore the other Hawaiian islands, camp through California and build a treehouse in the next year! Every day is a gift; I am truly grateful for this beautiful life.

Fav Banabae pieces?

I love everything. I honestly can’t narrow it down. From the clothing to the bedding to the incredible tapestries, rugs and pillows! Oh, and those backpacks! It’s all such good quality. I’ve always loved vintage because of the intention and quality. I definitely feel that level with everything you make. I’m so grateful for all the natural and organic fabrics too! That’s hard to find these days. Love it all!

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