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The Dreamers #97 - With Life Of A Travel Family

The Dreamers #97 - With Life Of A Travel Family

Introducing the Gutcheon family: Mindy, Spencer, and their daughter Nyah (Life Of A Travel Family) . A family who have chosen to live a not-so-ordinary life. Recognising the fleeting nature of time, they prioritise moments over material possessions and value family togetherness above all else.




Welcome to the Dreamers. Tell us who you are. 

We are Mindy, Spencer, and Nyah. For the past four years, we have been travelling full-time around Australia and backpacking Asia and America.

We love to connect with families on the road. How did your travelling family get started? 

In 2018, we packed up our lives in America and moved to Australia, chasing a slower life. We spent two years working and saving whilst building our dream van home, and in 2020, after the craziness of Covid, we set off on what we thought would be a 6-12 month holiday. This trip completely changed our entire outlook on life. Our priorities shifted, and we found a way to sustain this slow travel life.

Could you share a story from your travels? 

One of my favourite memories since living on the road was when we met the most beautiful couple in the NT, and they invited us to stay on their property, which was in the indigenous community by Uluru. We have so many lifelong memories from our time with them, but a special one that comes to mind is when we got to go out in the country with a few locals, and they taught us to hunt for grubs. It was such a special experience that we felt honoured to be included in, and we even got to eat some.

Van life looks so fun! Any advice you would give to families considering this lifestyle? 

My biggest piece of advice is to allow yourself and your kids enough time to settle in. It's a tough transition for everyone, so be gentle. I think everyone sees the highlights on Instagram and expects it to be like one big holiday, but there are so many challenges that come along with living in a small space, especially when the weather isn't in your favour.

We love following your content along! Have you faced any challenges with sharing your family on social media? 

No, we love the community we have built on Instagram. However, when you have content that goes viral, you are suddenly being exposed to the wider world that doesn't know you or your story, so that's when the judgment comes. It doesn't bother us at all as we know if those people just took five minutes to get to know us and our "why", then they wouldn't have such judgey things to say. We share our lives with the hopes of inspiring other families to hit the road, so even if we inspire a few, it's worth it to us.

Plans for the year? 

We are gearing up to head into Western Australia, where we will spend at least the next year. We love how seasonal Western Australia is, so you can easily bounce from north to south depending on the season.

Which Australian destination should we add to our bucket list? 

Hands down, Esperance and The Ningaloo in Western Australia. I can't even begin to tell you how breathtaking these places are. The colours, the water, and the whole vibe are totally bucket list worthy. 

Fav Banabae pieces?

I am obsessed with Nyah's new Lola paddle suit. The cut of this swimsuit is so cute, and we love the long sleeves for sun protection.

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Life Of A Travel Family

Life of a Travel Family

Mindy // Spencer // Nyah 

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