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You are Magic Mama

You are Magic Mama
Hey there our beautiful tribe!
It has been a big year so far for us at Banabae. Both Jaz and I welcomed second babies into our families this year and have been adjusting to the new beautiful chaos that is work life ‘balance’. We don’t show our faces often enough with you because lets face it, your gorgeous babies wrapped in rad prints are way more interesting to look at! However, we think it’s high time we fronted up and shared a bit more with our rad mama community!
Banabae is a brand built on positivity and connection. We are so often humbled and grateful for the support we receive from our beautiful community that Jaz and I really want to connect with you more and spread the love!
In an effort to get ourselves in front of the camera more often, we thought we might ease ourselves into it by posing in our underwear! 
So here we are embracing our magic mama bods and kissing the sunrise wearing only Hara the label underwear and our linen robes. With our babies and sisters in tow we hope to spread some body positive vibes and chat openly about our changing relationship with our bodies since having kids. This was all captured by the truely talented Emma Wand Photography. We wouldn't pose in our underwear for anyone else!
Our bodies go through so much in child bearing years. Trying to fall, the many facets of pregnancy, and for some pregnancy loss, childbirth, feeding and of course the dreaded sleep deprivation. It’s a wild ride that breaks us down and puts us back together stronger and anew.
We want to frame this magical journey in body positive language and steer away from the constant pressure to ‘‘get back your pre baby body’’. Lets not erase all this hard work we’ve done! So we’ve teamed together with Hara the label who are all about demystifying the female form.
To celebrate the miracle our bodies have performed we asked some of our mama tribe about their changing attitude towards their body since giving birth.
Monique (Alana’s sister in law):
“To be completely honest, I have always had quite a good relationship with my body. Since becoming a mother though I am so proud and in awe of its capabilities. We not only grow a human inside of us, we then push this tiny human out of our bodies and then nurture and feed this human from the outside - How cool! Not to mention survive on minimal sleep for months (with the help of coffee). I have so much more respect for my body now and it’s power. I really do feel like I can do anything.”
Seanne (Jasmine’s sister):
 Being lucky enough to experience childbirth created a new found respect for my body and what it is capable of. I was amazed at how well my body recovered with patience and nurturing. Having a little person who watches my every move,  has helped me adjust my attitude to my body and has helped me focus on talking about my physical self with a voice of respect, appreciation and awe. Even though parenting has meant less self time for me and a shift in priorities we still manage to enjoy lighter forms of exercise together which mean a healthy heart and healthy mind even if these legs are a little less strong than they used to be. Love the bod you’ve got!
I truely felt so grateful to carry and safely deliver two healthy babies that it gave me an all new respect for my body that I never had before.
Throughout the whole experience of pregnancy and childbirth your body really takes over. It knows what to do. Its taught me to tune into that more in all aspects if life.
These days I barely have the time or energy to stress over how my body looks (what a relief that is!) and if I do its a passing thought that is quickly overridden by the noise and chaos of two kids at my feet. They love me no matter how I look.
(Alana’s sister - who is currently pregnant but not pictured because I told her the wrong shoot day!):
I’ve never loved my body, it’s always been more of hindrance or an inconvenience to me than anything, because the only way I knew of viewing it was through the eyes of others and my perception of it not being what they wanted it to look like.
Being pregnant has helped me to really reconnect with my body, what it can do, and in particular learning to listen to it, trust it and start to love it.
It has been scary in some ways - my body hasn’t changed this much since puberty - but it is a really beautiful thing learning to honour what my body can do and embracing that. I look forward to that continuing beyond pregnancy.
The relationship with my body has improved since having babies. 
Pregnancy softened me to accept each day of growth and inner change. That I needed to slow down and nurture.
Pre baby days, I exercised till the cows came home, I loved it! But, I also thought that i couldnt,  walk around a room naked and moaning loudly with strangers all around. Childbirth is real and raw and hard... and the best thing i’ve ever done.
Now, I’m embracing the short moment in time that my body is sustaining my babies life and speaking only positive words about myself for my Mimi girls ever listening ears.
Thankyou for being so adaptable beautiful body! I appreciate you.
We would love to hear from you as well. Send us a DM on insta and let us know how your attitude towards your body has changed since motherhood.
We hope by sharing stories we can lift each other up and frame our mama bods in a much more positive light.