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Nature Play. With Calm Play Sensory.

Nature Play. With Calm Play Sensory.

Kelly and Emmaly, owners of Calm Play Sensory understand the importance of play in nature for our children's development. They have shared with us a few nature play activities for you to try at home.

Easy sensory play ideas to try at home.

Sensory play does not have to be getting play dough squished into your carpet or paint on your walls. The most simple activities can be the most effective, and you can use things you would already have at home.  

 Sensory play is best set up in a shallow tray or tub. If you are worried about the mess, set up sensory play outdoors or use an old sheet to put underneath the play tub. 

Use natural, taste safe ingredients that you would already have at home. This may include: rice, oats, lentils, pasta, water, fruit, jelly, flour, bicarb soda, vinegar, ice, salt - the ingredients are endless. 

 Some of our favourite activities include freezing animals or flower petals in ice cube trays, pouring and scooping rice with spoons and cups, exploring citrus fruits in a water tub, placing bicarb soda on a tray and spraying with a coloured vinegar spray bottle (watch it fizz!).

Taste Safe Kinetic Sand Recipe

You will need: 

 1/2 cup sugar 

 1 cup baking soda 

 1/2 cup corn starch 

 1 tablespoon cream of tartar 

 1/4 cup water 

 Food colouring of your choice 


 1. Mix all dry ingredients together in a bowl and mix wet ingredients together in a measuring jug.  

2. Slowly combine the wet ingredients by pouring them into the dry mixture. 

3. Mix all together till you get a sand consistency and texture. Place into a tray for play!

Chia Seed Slime Recipe

You will need: 

 Chia seeds 


 Food colouring 


Simply mix the desired amount of chia seeds with water, add food colouring and leave for 20 minutes or you can leave in the fridge overnight for the next day. The more chia seeds compared to water, the thicker the consistency. That’s it! Such a fun texture and completely taste safe!

Clothing made for play all day.

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Sunkissed Splice Rib Twinset


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