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The Brightside: Know your Fibres and Shop Sustainably

The Brightside: Know your Fibres and Shop Sustainably

Here at Banabae, we are all about producing eco-conscious products. Co-founders Alana and Jaz believe that sourcing sustainable fabrics is an integral part of creating an ethical framework for their business. 

So what are our chosen fabrics for optimal sustainability?

When it comes to working with natural fibres - hemp and linen are our fibres of choice for bedding and apparel. They both rank highly when it comes to sustainability, and they have some other important characteristics that score them top marks. 

Linen and hemp are tough and hardworking fabrics that are extremely strong and durable. They also soften with repeated use and washing, making them luscious against your skin!

Joni Kids Bedding Set 

Digitally printed on our premium hemp/cotton blend.

Environmental credentials

Environmentally, hemp is a particularly good option compared to cotton. It is a high-yielding crop that can produce more on less land and requires less water which is our most precious resource.  Hemp and linen fibres are grown without chemicals, and they are even kind to the soil in which they grow, promoting biodiversity and soil regeneration.

Rad Dad Coco Stripe Hemp Tee

Rad Kid Stripe Hemp Tee

This stripe slub tee is made from premium hemp and organic cotton.

Natural insulators

The hollow fibres of hemp and linen are natural insulators, which means they are cool in summer and warm in winter. This makes them comfortable to wear and sleep in all year round.  

Wattle Wander Kids Quilt Cover & Pillowcase Set

Digitally printed on our premium Hemp/Cotton blend.

Long lasting

 Linen is one of the world’s oldest fabrics and has been around for thousands of years. It is temperature regulating and therefore versatile across the seasons. It dries well, and is resistant to sunlight, so it won’t break down after long-term exposure to the sun.

Honey Bunch Light Linen Dress

This roomy trapeze style dress in a light weight French linen is perfect for summer.

Antibacterial properties

Hemp and linen have antibacterial properties. Hemp for example, is highly resistant to rot, mould and salt water. Both fabrics are biodegradable, and highly absorbent, which is a positive property in the production stages as it means they easily absorb dye. 

Salty Soul Fitted Cot Sheet

This premium fitted cot sheet is made from French Flax Linen. 

 All in all, these two natural fibres are a winning combo for Banabae!


Ripper Hemp Tee

 AUD $59.00

Marsupial Fitted Bassinet Sheet / Changing Pad Cover

AUD $51.75

Flow State Hemp/Organic Cotton Fitted Cot Sheet

AUD $49.00


Stencil Flora Flax Linen Fitted Sheet

 AUD $99.00

Limoncello Floral Twin Set BUNDLE: Linen Resort Shirt and Shorts

AUD $109.00

Coverlet : Upsy Daisy Butter & Leaf Green

AUD $389.00