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The Brightside: Romantic Relationships After Having Kids

The Brightside: Romantic Relationships After Having Kids

Our top five tips to help navigate the metamorphosis of your relationship after having children.

Becoming a parent can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, but let's face it, it can also be a major challenge for your relationship.  

 Romantic candle-lit dinners are now a distant memory. Instead, dinner time can turn into ordering takeout and eating it over the sink while standing up. "Netflix and chill" becomes "Netflix and hope the baby sleeps through the night."  

 But fear not, dear parents, with a little effort and a lot of understanding, it is possible to maintain a healthy and strong relationship after having kids. 

1: Communication

Communicate openly and honestly with your partner. It may seem like an obvious one, but once you become a parent, you might not be able to remember the last time you had a conversation that didn't involve the words "poop" or "breast pads". It's important to make time to talk about your feelings and needs with your partner on a regular basis. This can help prevent misunderstandings and stop resentment from building up over time ... don't let it snowball.

2: Prioritise

Prioritise time with your partner on a regular basis to give each other a chance to connect. I know this can be easier said than done with the demands of parenting, but without these moments, it can be easy to let your relationship take a back seat. Whether it's a date night, a short walk around the block together, or just a quick kiss before bed, these small actions to prioritise each other will help to keep that spark alive.

3: Gratitude

Show appreciation and gratitude on a daily basis. It's easy to take your partner for granted when you're both busy with a newborn or kids, but taking the time to show appreciation and gratitude for the little things they do can make a big difference in their day. A simple "thank you" can go a long way in making your partner feel valued and loved.

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4: Patience and understanding

Parenting can be challenging and stressful, and it's important to be patient and understanding with your partner when things get tough. Take a slow deep breath before reacting to situations as they arise. Remember that everyone makes mistakes, and try to focus on finding solutions rather than placing blame.

5: Practice self-care

Taking care of yourself is essential for maintaining a healthy relationship. Make sure you're getting enough rest (not easy as a parent, but we can try), eating well, and engaging in activities that you enjoy. This may be exercise, a hobby, or a lunch out with girlfriends. Allowing time for the things that fill your cup will help you be more present and engaged in your relationship with your partner. Plus, if you're feeling good, you're less likely to snap at each other over that last slice of pizza.

Maintaining a healthy and strong relationship after having children requires effort, patience, and a pretty good sense of humour. Life as you know it has changed, and so has your relationship. But you've got to keep going to keep growing. We hope these handy tips can help you to embrace this metamorphosis forming an even stronger relationship.


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