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The Dreamers #58 - With Artist Bobby Clark

The Dreamers #58 - With Artist Bobby Clark

Bobby Clark is an artist whose work combines symmetry, balance, and her own experiences. Her studies speak in metaphors, and trace the outlines of her interactions with the world. She is our latest Dreamer and chats with us about her background, creative process and her newest release, Gold Leaf.




Hi Bobby! Welcome to the Dreamers. Tell us about your creative career. What is it you create? 

Art. I paint original acrylic paintings and produce limited-edition prints. I also work as a freelance creative director, interior stylist and photographer too.

Tell us about your art. When did you start creating, and how did it make you feel?

I’ve always known the only career I wanted was in art. It started from a very young age, honed by a creative family but predominantly my grandmother, Joan. It’s all I have ever wanted to do. 

It started at my gran’s kitchen table, studying and drawing still lives. Then, I continued to take art classes throughout school and college, which was then followed by art school, and most recently, I've completed my Masters. 

I have studied art my whole life and have been a full-time artist since 2018. I still can’t believe I live my dream, and I hope it never ends.

Tell us about how your creative process has changed or shifted (or if it hasn't!) since becoming a mum.

As a mum, the biggest change has been with delegating tasks and finding time to tap into the creative process when I have put aside time. I will have days to myself where I need to creatively produce, however I don’t feel inclined to.

How do you manage a business, find time to create and spend time with your beautiful family? Do you incorporate your family into your art creation?

The work/life balance is something I always need to work on. Myself and Steve both love what we do and work for ourselves so switching off is hard. We have recently been through something that has taught us to slow down and take time for ourselves. It made us realise that the balance could be better.   

 I really value my partner Steven’s opinion more than anyone else’s. He’s the person I share everything with first. He was the driving force for me to start painting again and is also a huge inspiration. His passion for what he does inspires me to evolve and develop my practice. He really does amaze me as a person and through his work. I feel incredibly lucky that we have each other.

Your newest release, Gold Leaf, was stunning! Any new work happening in the studio for us to look forward to? 

Thank you – I’ve got some really exciting stuff coming up. The only ones that come to mind are of course, the ones that I can’t announce just yet.. but very soon. My proudest project to date. Stay tuned.


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