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The Dreamers #64 - With Camilla Varella From Life Of Justina

The Dreamers #64 - With Camilla Varella From Life Of Justina

For our latest instalment of the Dreamers, we chat with Camilla Varella. Camilla runs her own business - Justina The Label - which creates handmade dolls that are crafted with love in Buenos Aires. She opens up about what she loves so much about her life here in Australia and the origins of how her business came to be.




Hi Cami. Tell us about yourself and your family. 

Hi! We are originally from Argentina but have been living the Aussie dream for the past five years. Our beautiful daughter, Justina who is almost three years old, was born here in Australia. When we first came, we planned to stay for one year but well, here we are! My hubby works as an Engineer, and I work in a retail shop and have my own business.

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Where do you live at the moment?

We live in Manly Beach, Sydney and we love it! We are very close to the beach, which is our favourite place in the whole world. The lifestyle in Sydney is something we didn't have in Argentina, or at least where we used to live. What we love about being here is having so much freedom and nature surrounding us wherever we go. In Argentina we had to drive four hours to get to the beach, and they are not as beautiful as the beaches here!

What are your favourite things to do as a family?

We love heading out for adventures! Spending time with family and friends is our favourite thing to do. We are always planning camping and road trips! As I said before, we love being outside and surrounded by nature, so we try to escape on road trips and go camping whenever we can.  

 Our favourite camping spots are Seal Rocks, Port Stephens and Jervis Bay. Last year we went on a 20 day road trip to Tasmania and we loved it! Justina was one and a half at the time, and she really enjoyed it. We were so scared because it was our first trip after COVID, and she did amazing! This year we went back to Argentina to visit family, and she was a rockstar for the 24 hour trip. We would love to go to Japan and to Bali this year or next!

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Tell us about your beautiful handmade Argentinian dolls business!

So I started this when Justina was one year old as a hobby, and it turned into being my own business. These beautiful dolls are handmade in Argentina by my mum’s friend, so it’s super special for me. 

We would love to know a little more. Are they traditional dolls that are typical to what babies have in Argentina? 

My mum’s friend makes them so she picks the fabrics and yarns, and then I tell her what colours I love most. Our dolls are handmade with love in Buenos Aires. Their fabric is cotton trench coats, and the knits are made of cotton wool. 

They are lovingly embroidered entirely by hand and because of this some may have some irregularities and minor imperfections - which only adds to their charm! 

We don’t have a website as I only do wholesale at the moment, but planning to have one very soon! In the meantime you can follow @justina.the.label on Instagram!


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