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The Dreamers #88 - With Luke Player - Artist, Illustrator & Graphic Designer - backup

The Dreamers #88 - With Luke Player - Artist, Illustrator & Graphic Designer - backup

Luke Player is the talented artist and illustrator behind our new Park Hangs range. 

Working on the South Coast of NSW, Luke is a collector and obsessive of old design, notably souvenir merchandise and psychedelia prints. He takes us inside his delightfully electic mid century abode backing onto the bush in Stanwell Park. 




Hey Luke, could you tell us about yourself? 

I live in beautiful Stanwell Park with my love, Lucia, and my dog, Peach. I work as a graphic designer/artist/screen printer and play music in my spare time.

Your home is beautiful. Could you share with us what it’s like to live in Stanwell Park? Does it inspire your work?

Thank you! We’re very lucky to be living in this house and in the area in general. Stanwell Park inspires me endlessly. It’s a sleepy little town, but I grew up in the area, so I’m comfortable with the slow pace. I feel like I have a strong connection to the landscape and bush surroundings. This little valley is home to so many birds, creatures, and incredible native flora, and it all surrounds the beach, so it really has the best of the bush and the ocean on our doorstep.

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You are the talented artist behind our new Park Hangs print. How did you get into the creative work you are doing?

What a fun design! I’ve always been drawn to art. I did my BFA at the National Art School in Sydney and kept going with it. Whatever else I was doing, I always drew in my free time. Once I started playing music, someone had to draw the posters and the t-shirts to sell on tour, so it all kind of naturally grew from that necessity. It’s only in the past year that I have been able to gradually transition away from casual work and immerse myself in graphic design and art, which is a privilege for which I’m endlessly thankful. I understand not everyone gets that kind of chance, so I try to never take it for granted!

Walk us through a typical day in the life of an artist living in Stanwell Park. How do you find inspiration and balance in your daily routine?

I just get up every day and start, put on some music and a stovetop coffee, check my to-do list and go for it! I’m surrounded by nature outside the studio, and I’ve surrounded myself with funny little things, books, tea towels, etc, inside the studio, so I don’t have to look far for inspiration.  I find importance in resting, so if I feel I need some calm time, I’ll drive into the national park and go for a bush walk, take some photos, think about projects and soak in the beauty. Other times, I’ll meet a friend for coffee or take my dog Peach for a walk. The glorious part about working from home is these small pleasures. Although I love my work, by the time I’m out, I’m usually excited to get back in the studio, hah!

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You are a collector of souvenirs. Is there a story behind this? 

I just find souvenirs so fun, silly, beautiful and inspiring. Australia definitely has a unique history of souvenirs and ephemera. It’s got a home-grown brand of kitsch that’s so charming and artistic, and you can usually find stuff in most op-shops, so I’ve just unintentionally amassed a bit of a collection. 

 I guess a lot of souvenirs and merchandise weren’t made with longevity in mind, so they’re often imperfect, which I think is part of their beauty. It’s definitely become a big part of my work. These little things can be dismissed as being a little tacky, but I find lots of value in their quirks. Funnily enough, it’s pretty rare to find any souvenirs of this area we live in, the Illawarra and beyond, so I try to imagine what that might look like with my own creations.

Do you have any advice for people who want to pursue their passions?

All I can say is it doesn’t hurt to try. There are always phases where you don’t have the time or energy, but if you love it and keep coming back to your inspiration, it will grow, and people will see what you’re trying to do.

Have you got a favourite project you have been working on?

I’ve had some amazing opportunities lately to work with some people and brands I really respect, but a lot of them I can’t share just yet! One I can hint at is doing illustrations with a council for tourist drives. I take a lot of inspiration from tourist merch, maps and travel ephemera, so it’s very gratifying to be coming full circle!

Do you have a sneak peek of any exciting things you have planned this year?

I’m trying to do much more screen-printing. I hope to put together an exhibition of screen-printed posters of my work sometime soon, if not this year, then early next year. 

 I’m excited to share some of the projects I’ve been working on, of which I’m pretty chuffed, and I’ve got many more souvenir ideas to put out into the world! Apart from that, I’m hoping to take a much-awaited break to rest and swim and maybe travel down the coast as the weather warms up. I’m not sure I’ve had a holiday in about a year or so! I wouldn’t change a thing, though.


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