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The Dreamers #91 - With Glenda From Farm House Reno 31

The Dreamers #91 - With Glenda From Farm House Reno 31

Exploring with our newest Dreamer takes us to Northwest Queensland, where we encounter Glenda and her family immersed in the idyllic farm lifestyle at Farm House Reno 31. Glenda, a proud descendant of the Kalkadoon tribe, passionately imparts indigenous wisdom to her sons, and she cherishes the delights of residing in this remote setting.




Glenda, tell us about you and your fam? 

Our names are Glenda and Matt. We have three young fellas: Levi, our eldest, who is seven and the more serious and emotional child. Then we have Asher, who is six, and he is definitely a ratbag! He’s the joker for sure, and then we have our baby Elijah, who is nearly two, and I think he’s going to be ratbag number two, going off his personality traits already! 

Where do you call home?

We are located in Northwest Queensland, and we have an old farmhouse that we’ve recently renovated. 

What inspired you to choose the outback as your home, and how has living in such a remote area shaped your family’s lifestyle? 

I was born here, and so the outback will always be home to me. We absolutely love living out here, there is so much freedom. The kids can ride their horses in the river bed behind our block, and they have pigs and chooks and four wheelers that they can cruise around on. When the rain comes, they pack themselves some bait, and they head down behind the house to catch yabbies and have a swim. These are the perks of living remotely.
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Your Rustic Farmhouse looks like a dream! How did you come to renovate this? Any challenges you faced in the renovation? 

My husband got out the phone book and found the old lady’s phone number in an actual phone book! He called her and asked if we could buy the property, and she agreed. I think it was meant to be because it was so random. The reno took around 14 months, and my husband moved in straight away and just slept in a swag on the front veranda. I had just had our third baby by myself, and the three boys moved in with my parents for about six months. Then, my husband’s parents gave us their caravan to go live in for the next six months, which was a blessing because we could all move back in together. We did have quite a few challenges, as we are remote, with things like supply issues. I had to order a lot of things online without physically looking at them, but it all came together nicely, I think.

Could you share a bit about your culture with us? 

I am a proud descendant of the Kalkadoon tribe, which was known to be one of the fiercest tribes in Australia. I was extremely lucky to be brought up around and fully immersed in our culture. I grew up watching our parents paint and create artefacts. I come from a long line of creatives, and me and my three sisters are a collective of Aboriginal artists. We work together under our label Cungelella Art, and we paint our homelands in Kalkatungu Country. 

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Are there specific traditions or stories that you make an effort to pass down to your children? 

Our children don’t realise, but they are learning every day about their culture. Our dad makes a conscious effort to teach all his grandchildren about different trees and plants out in the bush. They’ve followed him out to the bush on the back of the tray to collect and find the right trees to create didgeridoos, coolamons and boomerangs. They also quite often want to create their own art, so they are learning about which symbols we use in our art. It is really nice to sit back and watch them create their own interpretations of Kalkatungu Country. 

Favourite Banabae pieces? 

I’m a lover of all the rustic colours, and Banabae do it so well with all the ochres, browns and creams. I think I’m this way because we are surrounded by the very earthy colours of the outback, so the apparel is just the perfect colour palette for us.

The McCulloch Family

Farm House Reno 31

Rustic Farmhouse Reno 

Living Out West

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