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The Dreamers #92 - With Abstract Artist Emma Dillon Hill

The Dreamers #92 - With Abstract Artist Emma Dillon Hill

Introducing Emma Dillon Hill, our newest visionary and Dreamer. As a visual artist, she explores the abstract realm of painting and drawing, centering her creations on the material essence of her chosen mediums and the interplay and expression of colour.




Tell us about you and your family.

My name is Emma, and I am a visual artist. I live with my partner Rob, who is also an artist and arts educator; our son Otis, who is two and a half years old; and our Kelpie Zappa.

Where do you call home? Any special spots or hidden gems?

We live in Oatley, NSW, along the Georges River, on Bidgigal Land. We are currently renovating our unit, and it’s not quite finished. As anyone who has renovated before knows, it takes way longer than anticipated. We’ve enjoyed building a veggie patch and garden beds while we wait to get inside and start decorating. Our area is so beautiful; we’re usually bushwalking the trails with our dog, hanging out at the river or swimming at Oatley Baths. My Dad is also an oyster farmer in the Georges River, so we frequently visit him and go for boat rides. 

Your artwork is inspiring! Share with us your journey to becoming an artist.

I have always been creative and loved to make art when I was younger. I did an extra unit in high school at The National Art School. It made me really love school, so after a few different jobs and career ideas, I eventually enrolled in a Bachelor of Fine Arts at NAS, and I’ve been practising ever since.

How do you discover and draw inspiration to create your abstract art?

I find inspiration mostly from colours I see in the world, fashion and design aesthetics and through the making process itself. I have found that working continuously on a collection is incredibly valuable in pushing through ideas and finding happy accidents. I usually start by listening to certain music, which makes me feel a certain way, and then I just start making and let the process unfold.

Could you share with us a story about one of your pieces? 

Because I like to work intuitively and use the process for information, I love it when something comes together after I have been thinking about making it for a while. I often daydream about the ideas well before I am ready to make them, and through the process, I work backwards from my idea to the finished product. 

A particular artwork I made for my recent show last year was challenging me so hard it was the last one left to be made, and it was not flowing. The day before the framing deadline, I put my headphones on, put a song on repeat and smashed it out in a matter of hours, from start to finish. And it became one of my absolute favourites. Luckily, I work mostly in dry pigments, so there was no drying time. Otherwise, it probably wouldn’t have made it into the show.

Juggling your art practice and parenting duties must be a challenge! How do you carve out time to focus on your art?

It has been a real challenge but also been so worth it. I now have the sweetest little sidekick and a practice that is more streamlined than ever. Parenting has taught me more patience like nothing else I’ve experienced, and that has made me more considered. Now that Otis is a bit older, I do have two studio days when he goes to daycare, and I hope to increase that to three this year. I spend those days making or photographing works, creating content, or working on coursework. I’m also studying graphic design.

Favourite Banabae pieces? 

I’m obsessed with all Banabae pieces because the quality is amazing, but I especially love the kids’ twinsets. I’m a sucker for a matching set, and these always come in the most beautiful colours and prints. They can handle serious kids’ play and make the best hand-me-downs. I also have a few bedding pieces I love. A funny story ... my first Banabae purchase was cot sheets in a print I was obsessed with. I bought them before they sold out, even though I didn’t have kids yet! The hats and accessories also make the best gifts.

Emma Dillon Hill

Inspiring your new obsession with colour.

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