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The Brightside: Check In With Your Lover!

The Brightside: Check In With Your Lover!
The Brightside: Check in with your lover! Questions to ask each other every day, week, month, and year.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and whether you embrace the celebration or not, it does present us with an opportunity to focus back on our romantic relationship. For many of us, once kids come along, spontaneous acts of romance are NOT high on the agenda. 

So, scheduling some time to connect for at least one day a year can't be a bad thing? Long-term relationships take work. Checking in with your partner on a regular basis (not just on Valentine's Day) is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy relationship. 

Here is our list of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly check-ins. Little prompts that will encourage open communication for smoother sailing and keep that spark of connection alive! 

Put it on the agenda for your Valentine's date night, or print out our handy Check In With Your Lover PDF to put on the fridge or pin board at home.


Daily check-ins:

These may seem obvious, but in the daily hustle of family life, we often brush over these simple but meaningful questions. Daily check-ins will provide a platform for open communication. Sharing your daily highs and lows builds a stronger connection and reinforces the idea that you are there for each other. 

 Set a regular time to sit together every day without distractions. 

- How was your day? Share the highs and lows. 

- Express gratitude for something your partner did that day. 

- How can I support you better tomorrow? 

- What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Weekly check-ins:

Weekly check-ins offer an opportunity for reflection and planning. Making sure you are aligned for the week ahead.

- What was the highlight of our week together? 

- What are your events/goals for the next week? 

- How can we make time for each other in the week ahead?

Monthly check-ins:

Monthly check-ins allow you to take a broader perspective on your relationship, acknowledging shared accomplishments and identifying areas for improvement. It's all about encouraging ongoing growth. This is a great one to nut out over a monthly date night and a glass of wine. 

- What have we achieved together, and how did we grow this month? 

- Are there any adjustments we need to make in our routines? 

- How can we prioritise each other in the coming month? 

- Any new activities or experiences you would like to explore together?

Yearly check-ins:

Yearly check-ins focus on long-term gains. An opportunity for both reflection and goal setting. This will help you to align your visions for the future and contribute to the longevity and resilience of your relationship. 

- What were the highlights and challenges of the past year? 

- Have we individually evolved? Have we collectively evolved? 

- What long-term goals do we want to set for the year? 

- How can we celebrate our relationship milestones? 

 This type of intentional communication will foster a deeper connection between yourself and your partner. By carving out a small amount of time in your routines, you can create a relationship that is resilient, supportive and continuously evolving.

Check In With Your Lover Print Out

Check In With Your Lover: Download PDF for your fridge or pinboard at home.


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