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The Dreamers #93 - With Cass Danson From Our Home Le Fleur's

The Dreamers #93 - With Cass Danson From Our Home Le Fleur's

Come along as we explore the vibrantly colourful residence of Cass Danson, a photographer and artist known for crafting art and wall decals that bring a burst of joy to the spaces of rad kids.




Hey Cass, tell us about you and your fam.

Hi guys! I’m Cass, a photographer and artist based in Melbourne. My passion for photography dates back to high school, starting with film photography. My first job was in a photography lab and studio, where I gained much of the knowledge I still use today. 

After a break, I rekindled my interest in 2020, delving into modern mirrorless photography.  Recently, following the birth of my son Charlie, I discovered a love for painting, creating funky floral artworks and unique removable wall decals. The decal idea sparked after I painted a mural in my daughter’s room. A fellow small business friend suggested turning them into decals, and they’ve been a hit. 

Beyond my creative pursuits, I’m a Mum to Charlie and Lola and a wife to Matt. Matt and I met at 23 and married three years later in a festival-style wedding on my family’s farm. We welcomed Lola a short two years after our wedding, and then another three years later, Charlie joined the family. Lola, our almost 4-year-old, is our sassy and creatively wild firstborn, while Charlie, at seven months, is a laid-back mummas boy.

Where is home? 

Living in Melbourne’s west, halfway between the city and country, has been our home for about five years. We made the move due to work, and since then, we’ve embraced the slower pace of life. We’re not city folks, and we find joy in exploring the areas around us, particularly the surf coast. Being close to Werribee Park Mansion, we often enjoy picnics, capturing moments with the kids in the beautiful gardens!

What does 'Our Home Le Fleur' mean? 

“Le Fleur” means “The Flower,”. When I was creating my account and searching for a name, I glanced at one of my favourite art prints, also titled “Le Fleur,” hanging on the wall. I instantly knew the name was perfect, as I have a great love for flowers, and our home is adorned with various floral elements. 
Sunburst Crochet Cushion
Head In The Clouds Hemp / Organic Cotton Fitted Cot Sheet

We LOVE your bright aesthetic. Where do you draw inspiration from? 

I’ve always had a thing for colours, whether in my outfits or tattoos. Building our first home allowed me to bring that love to our home and walls. My inspiration often comes from fabrics and patterns. I enjoy mixing and matching colours and patterns that might seem unconventional but surprisingly work well together. What began as decorating my house has evolved into canvas art and removable wall decals, so now others can enjoy my creations in their homes, too. You can check out everything on

Could you share a few tips for creating a fun rad kid room?

Creating spaces for my kids is my absolute favourite, and here are some top tips:  

 First, incorporate vibrant colours to uplift their moods and ignite creativity.  

Second, involve them in the process—Lola participates, and eventually, Charlie will too! Making it a collaborative effort adds fun and excitement and ensures their rooms are tailored to them.  

Lastly, adding sentimental items like hand-knit gifts from family, special toys passed down, photos, or old books to add character and warmth to their rooms. 

How do you balance being a rad mama with creating art? Do the kids get involved? 

Balancing can be challenging, but having personal time is crucial to me. I often paint at night when the kids are in bed. During the day, Lola, my creative three-year-old, joins me in painting. Her artistic talent amazes me, and I cherish every piece she creates. I’m grateful for the special creative bond we share, one that’s been passed down from my own mother. I can’t wait for Charlie to get involved as well once he’s older. 

Any exciting plans for the year? 

Anticipate plenty of new artwork and more decals, and there’s potential for exciting collaborations on the horizon! The possibilities for the rest of the year are unknown, but I’m eager to see what unfolds. 

Fav Banabae pieces?

Absolutely has to be the lime check quilt cover set! It’s a perfect choice for any room, adding a fun pop of lime. As well as being buttery soft linen, it’s a sweet and vibrant addition to compliment any room!

Cass Danson

- Colourful pockets of my home 

- Photographer and artist  

- Interior and product styling 

- Shop artwork and removable wall decals

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