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The Brightside: Our Top 5 Relationship Podcasts

The Brightside: Our Top 5 Relationship Podcasts
The Brightside: Our Top 5 Relationship Podcasts

As Valentine's Day approaches, we're excited to reveal our top five favourite podcasts that offer valuable insights for navigating relationships.

1. The Imperfects

Join hosts Hugh van Cuylenburg and Ryan Shelton in this podcast as they delve into the flawed nature of life and relationships, bringing a blend of humour and insightful perspectives.

2. The Hook Up

Nat Tencic takes the lead in this triple j podcast, exploring diverse facets of relationships, dating, and sex. Gain valuable insights and advice as the hosts navigate the intricate landscape of modern connections.

3. Jeans And A Nice Top

Hosted by Ashleigh Austen and Melissa Mason, Jeans And A Nice Top is a podcast that meticulously dissects the chaotic realm of contemporary dating. The hosts generously share their own dating escapades, providing a humorous take on navigating the swipe game.

4. Dear Clementine:

Tune in to Dear Clementine, where award-winning author and staunch feminist Clementine Ford provides candid advice for all your relationship dilemmas. Expect a podcast brimming with relationship insights that you may not seek, but unquestionably need.

5. Separate Bathrooms:

Cameron Daddo, alongside his wife Alison, chat about the journey of their 30 year marriage. They chat about the highs, the lows, and all of the lessons learnt in-between.


Remember that while relationship podcasts can be helpful, they are not a substitute for professional advice if you are facing significant challenges in your relationships. If needed, seeking guidance from a licensed therapist or counsellor is always a good option.

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