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The Tanna Tribe

The Tanna Tribe

the Tanna tribe

Meet the Tanna Tribe. A close knit family of 6 from sunny queensland. 

 This cruisy crew are all about beach days and spending quality time together

Tell us a little about your family and your corner of the globe.

There is eight in our family. Hubby and I, Mahiya and Zendaya, Kyjuan and Dai-Shaun. We also have two furr babies. Jada our Rottweiler and Coco our Ragdoll cat.  We live in Queensland. We are so spoilt with beautiful beaches. There are 10 local beaches in our little town

What does a typical day look like in your household?

Typically the girls wake before the boys. If it's a school day it all starts off pretty swiftly as there is so much to organise.  Weekends we keep it cruisy. We make a slow start and mid morning usually head off to the beach, visit family or do a bit of shopping.  I'm very fortunate that I work from home. So although it can be a juggle I can move my schedule around if need be. So lucky I can with four kids in tow. I try to maintain balance and make sure I keep work and family time seperate.


What has been the most surprising part for you so far in your parenting journey?

How much I love being a mum! Even with all the ups and downs and changes to our life as our family has grown and the challenges that have come with kids. I've surprised myself how I've managed to adapt and spread myself evenly with four kids. I always make time for them all.

Tell us a little about your home and the kids rooms. 

We are still renovating/extending our family home. Being only a 3 bedroom home with 6 people means the kids share rooms. It works for us for now.  We make do and luckily we are a very tight family unit. We just have to think outside the box to save space so the rooms aren’t too cramped.

The girls room is quite small and I wanted it to feel inviting for them. I really wanted to create a space that allowed room to play. This is why we designed the bunks in their room.   We have a few different room themes which I change out every so often. The girls love mermaids, pink and purple so that has been incorporated in majority of our room designs.

      What are your favourite activities to do as a family right now?

As a family beach hangs are our go to. We all enjoy the ocean, Rockpool adventures and chill days in the sun.

Parenting life is all go, what do you do to fill your cup?

To be honest I'm still making plans to fill my cup. But I have big plans. It's hard to make balance and find time to set me time aside. But I am very creative .. and have a passion for pottery. Classes have been great but I'd love to set up a little space at home so when the kids all go to bed I can just throw and unwind from the day.

Lastly - What's your number one parenting hack?

I don't know if you would call it a hack but I hide my chocolate in the pea bag. 😂 oh and we also hide our car keys in a clean nappy when we go to the beach.

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