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Politics won’t fix climate change but we can!

Politics won’t fix climate change but we can!

It’s easy to be stuck feeling helpless when mediocre ‘Net Zero by 2050’ government policies are emerging from the COP26 summit. A future not near good enough for our kids has us worried, however, it is more clear now than ever that change is on the horizon. It is us as individuals who will embrace it, ask for change and create change.

Our top three tips for making changes at home, and demanding change from those outside it.


There are some great apps around like earth hero that will help you track your personal carbon footprint, compare that to other citizens around the world, and help you set goals to bring it down.

Our top three tips for significant cuts to your personal emissions:

Install solar – Once out of reach for many it’s becoming more and more affordable to install. Start with a quote or look into Green Loans (low interest personal loans offered by certain institutions)

Switch all heating and water to electrical (not gas)

Ready for a new car? Buy electric. …. However using the car you already have or choosing alternative modes of transport like the train, bus or bike are even better!

Our top three tips that you can implement tomorrow:

 Reduce single use plastics – a simple and impactful small change that you can integrate into your daily life, from swapping out plastic bags for your food shop to canvas or recycled bags, to consciously saying no single use plastics when it comes to take-away drinks & food

Eat local & grow your own – Supporting local produce is an excellent way to cut down your emissions and even better, growing your own herbs and veggies is an incredibly rewarding process that helps the earth as much as you

Buy for keepsakes, not for the sake of it – Being aware of the power we have as consumers is a great step forward when it comes to our impact on the world. The next time you buy something consider why you are purchasing it


Enacting change on a larger scale can be daunting, so here are some tips to help steer you in the right direction. 


No major party in Australia is delivering the goods on climate policy. The best thing we can do to be heard is to protest…shout it from the rooftops and be clear that change is needed. Make the climate a topic you talk about with family and friends. Just discussing it makes a difference. Get in touch with grass roots activist groups like Australian parents for climate action or write to your local MP


Both major parties in Australia accept donations from Coal and Gas lobbyist AND subsidise the industry. This is unacceptable. Look to smaller parties and independents in your area and see whose policies best represent you and your environmental interests


Divest by switching over your super and banking to an institution that does not invest in fossil fuels (we choose to bank with Bendigo Bank for this reason specifically). There are also many super funds to choose from like future Super and Verve ethical super

Get informed.

Some of our favourite recent programs, podcasts, books and apps promoting change and sharing great info on how we can do better

Participate in something that will start a conversation and encourage others to do the same, like Earth Hour or a beach clean up

After more tips and inspiration?