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The Brightside: 5 Ways To Use Your Swaddle Blanket

The Brightside: 5 Ways To Use Your Swaddle Blanket

It doesn’t get much better than our supremely soft bamboo and organic cotton swaddles. We have just restocked all of the Banabae best sellers, and we guarantee you they are the pieces you cannot do without! 

Here are our top 5 ways to use your swaddle:

1. Swaddle your baby:

It may be stating the obvious, but there is no better way to keep a newborn bub safe, comforted and secure than to swaddle them in a soft but breathable wrap.

2. Out and about:

Use as a pram shade, which is great for when baby is sleeping to keep the sun and distractions of the outdoors away from their eyes. Or as a blanket for beach days and naps in the shade. 

3. Burping cloth: 

There is no hiding it - babies vomit ... a lot! Our swaddles are perfect for popping over your shoulder and putting into the washing machine when soiled. Durable enough to last wash after wash without losing their silky softness. 

4. Comforter: 

So many of our Banabae babes carry their ‘blankies’ all the way into toddler age and beyond. A familiar and soft comforter to sleep with ... it also makes a great superhero cape. : )

5. Wall Hanging:

Many of our swaddles, like Golden Child and Shell Collector, make beautiful wall hangings when your bub grows and is ready for a big kid’s bed!

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