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Your Nursery Set Up Sorted

Your Nursery Set Up Sorted

At Banabae, we are all about creating sunny, sustainable nursery wares that are vintage-inspired and ethically made. Here we cover the important elements of creating a practical yet beautiful nursery set up for mama and bub to enjoy.

The cot:

You may start out with a bassinet, but the cot is often the big investment piece for the nursery. Our absolute fave is the Plyroom Ava Life Stages Cot (pictured above). This thoughtfully designed piece makes a beautiful cot and then converts to a toddler bed and then a desk! Made by a local Aussie business from sustainable birch ply, this is certainly a piece worth investing in.

Style it with Banabae:

Sunshine State Tufted Wall Hanging

Salty Soul Nursery Bundle

Peace Tufted Floor Cushion

Checkers Crochet Cushion Cover

Bedding and sleepwear:

In the early days, your washing basket will pile up daily with vom and poo stained bedding. Oh. The. Joys. This will happen less over time, but to start out, these are the numbers we recommend for bedding and sleepwear, so you don’t get caught out. 

- 6-8 swaddles 

- 3 sleep sacks 

- 3 cot / bassinet sheets 

- 3-5 blankets 

- 8 onesies

Shop Banabae:

Swaddles | Fitted Cot Sheet Blankets | Onesies

Nappy change area:

This is where all the fun happens! You can use a change table or a chest of drawers if you need to maximise space. 

 Here is what you will need: 

 - A changing mat

 - 3-5 changing mat covers. Our Banabae bassinet sheets fit perfectly (pictured above). 

 - A nappy bin 

 - Storage for towels / wipes / cloth nappies / nappy creams etc 

 - A mobile can also become useful in this area to distract older babies once they start to wriggle away and resist changes.

Shop Banabae:

Fitted Bassinet Sheets / Changing Pad Cover

Handy storage items: 

- A chest of drawers with dividers 

- Toybox 

- Bookcase or shelf 

- Cane baskets for general items

Nursing chair:

This is a place where you will be spending a lot of time, so do your research and find something that suits you. We love a rocking chair for babies that need a bit of movement to soothe. 

Floor play area:

Having a clear space for tummy time is a good idea. You will need a nice soft rug or play mat with some toys or a play gym. Floor cushions are also perfect for lazing about and reading together.

Shop Banabae:

Tufted Floor Rugs | Floor Cushions

Style and decor: 

If you want to create an overall consistency to the look and feel of your nursery, it helps to pick out a theme, style or colour to start with. 

Not sure where to start? Here are a few easy ways: 

- Choose a palette of 2-3 colours 

- Buy a bedding set as inspiration and establish a theme from there 

- Create a feature wall with paint and/or decal 

- Buy a feature piece such as an artwork and use the colours and theme to build on

Shop Banabae:

Nursery Art | Nursery Bundles

Finishing touches: 

Finish off your nursery with plants, a few special clothing items on hanging hooks and some sentimental items like photos to give it that personal touch. 

Shop our collection of nursery wares:

Honey Bunch Ringer Organic Cotton Onesie


Sunshine State Fitted Bassinet Sheet /
Changing Pad Cover


Honey Bunch Nursery Bundle


Sunny Daze Floral Organic Cotton Blankie


Scallop Tufted Floor Cushion


G'day Gum Trees Tufted Wall Hanging


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